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Name and Address of the service provider

Fröhlich Attorney at Law Ltd.
Lettstrasse 5
9490 Vaduz
Principality of Liechtenstein


Contact Details

Phone: +423 232 23 02


Value Added Tax number

VAT-No. 63 111


Competent Chamber and Supervisory authority

Liechtenstein Chamber of Lawyers, Vaduz


Disciplinary authority

Liechtenstein Princely Court of Appeals


Applicable regulatory provisions

The following professional rules are applicable in their up-to-date versions: Liechtenstein Lawyers Act, Act on Tariffs for Lawyers and Legal Agents, , Ordinance on the Tariffs for Remuneration of Lawyers and Legal Agents, Ordinance on the Bar Examination, Ordinance on the Qualifying Examination for Lawyers from the European Economic Area (all of which can be found on, as well as Rules of Procedure, Fee Guidelines and Professional Guidelines of the Liechtenstein Chamber of Lawyers (which can be found and downloaded on


Marcel Mayer, Alberschwende, Austria


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popup communications Ltd., Bludenz, Austria